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  • 18 January, 2018
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Vol. 8 (6) : November-December 2017 issue
Green Farming Vol. 8 (6) : 1304-1307 ; November-December, 2017
Forms and status of potassium in soils of Vanivilas command area of Hiriyur taluk, Chitradurga district
Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, College of Agriculture, University of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences, Shivamogga - 577 204 (Karnataka)
Designation :  
1P.G. Student *(, 2Professor, 3Asstt. Professor, 4Assoc. Professor
Subject : Soil Science & Agric. Chemistry; Soil Health & Soil Conservation Engg.
Paper No. : P-7057
Total Pages : 4
Received : 08 November 2017
Revised accepted : 11 December 2017
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Citation :

K. RAMYA KRISHNA, K.T. GURUMURTHY, SARVAJNA B. SOLIMATH and G.N. THIPPESHAPPA. 2017. Forms and status of potassium in soils of Vanivilas command area of Hiriyur taluk, Chitradurga district. Green Farming  Vol. 8 (6) : 1304-1307 ; November-December, 2017

Potassium, the third major nutrient, exists in soil in different forms and these forms are in a state of quasi-equilibrium with each other. These different forms of potassium and their distribution were studied in two hundred representative soils spreading over ten villages of Vanivilas command area of Hiriyur taluk, Chitradurga district. Soils were sandy loam to sandy clay loam in texture and saline to alkaline in reaction. The organic carbon content of the soils varied from 4.21 to 7.15 g kg-1 in surface soils, being higher than the values for sub-surface soils. The distribution of the different forms of the K in these soils, i.e., available, water soluble, exchangeable, non-exchangeable, lattice and total forms ranged from 138.95 to 195.88 mg kg-1, 7.85 to 22.55 mg kg-1, 134.11 to 173.11 mg kg-1, 138.73 to 288.66 mg kg-1, 5846 to 9002 mg kg-1 and 6346 to 9531mg kg-1 respectively, for surface soil (0-15cm) and 77.40 to 161.48 mg kg-1, 4.35 to 11.83 mg kg-1, 103.75 to 134.78 mg kg-1, 210.86 to 341.42 mg kg-1, 6583 to 9823 mg kg-1 and 7120 to 10360 mg kg-1 respectively, for sub-surface soil (15-30cm). Correlation study showed that the various forms of K were positively and significantly correlated amongst themselves and with CEC, clay and silt content of the soils and negatively correlated with sand content of the studied soil.
Key words :
Distribution of K, Potassium forms, Per cent contribution, Soil properties and correlation.