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  • 18 February, 2018
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Vol. 8 (4) : July-August 2017 issue
Green Farming Vol. 8 (4) : 833-838 ; July-August, 2017
Identifying phosphorus tolerant soybean genotypes based on morphological, biochemical and biophysical parameters
SAVITA F.H.1* and R.V. KOTI2
Deptt. of Crop Physiology, College of Agriculture, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad - 580 005 (Karnataka)
Designation :  
1Research Assistant *(, 2Professor
Subject : Plant Physiology, Crop Physiology and Bio-Chemistry
Paper No. : P-5644
Total Pages : 6
Received : 04 August 2016
Revised accepted : 15 May 2017
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Citation :

SAVITA F.H. and R.V. KOTI. 2017. Identifying phosphorus tolerant soybean genotypes based on morphological, biochemical and biophysical parameters. Green FarmingĀ  Vol. 8 (4) : 833-838 ; July-August, 2017

In an attempt to identify the tolerant soybean genotypes based on biophysical parameters, leaf P content, PUE and acid phosphatase activity for phosphorus (P) limiting condition, a hydroponic culture experiment was laid out. Fifteen genotypes were grown in hydroponics with two treatments 50 and 100 per cent P. At 30 days, leaf P content (%), PUE (g dm /mg P), P uptake (mg/pl), photosynthetic rate, transpiration rate, conductance and water use efficiency were analyzed. The genotypes secreted higher acid phosphatase in P limiting condition. The P efficient/tolerant genotypes had higher photosynthetic efficiency.
The soybean genotypes Shivalik and CO-3 had significantly higher photosynthetic rates and were found better PUE genotypes. While MACS-58 was found efficient when phosphatase activity was considered. Based on P content and PUE, the genotypes ADT-1 & VL-soya-59 were found tolerant to P limiting condition. Shoot length, shoot dry weight, root dry weight decreased in P limited condition whereas root length and root to shoot ratio increased significantly and is one of the adaptive mechanism to overcome the P limiting condition in the soil.
Key words :
Biophysical parameters, Phosphorus limitation, Photosynthesis, Soybean genotypes.