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International Journal of Applied Agricultural & Horticultural Sciences
  • 18 January, 2018
Our Mission:
Innovative Eco-Safe Agri-Horticulture Technology for Greener Environment, Global Energy & Food Security.
Instruction for Authors

SUBMISSION OF MANUSCRIPTS : The articles are subjected to peer-review by referees at the discretion of Editorial Office. The manuscript (in duplicate) that contain new and significant findings in acceptable style and format are preferred. The paper should clearly define aims and objectives of the study. The manuscripts should be sent with C.D. and with hard copy by speed/ regd. post to the Editor, Green Farming. Authors can also send MSS through e-mail with attachment to or through website Articles published or simultaneously submitted elsewhere will not be accepted. Basic type, routine & old papers may not be accepted. Authors must submit certificate of unpublished manuscript at the time of submission of paper along with proper consent. The thesis & research project work duly approved and forwarded by concerning authority / expert should be mentioned to facilitate early publication. Authors can suggest the names of (3-5) of potential reviewers. Corresponding author will be informed about the receipt of paper and other informations. Text should be in MS-Word or PDF format indicating page no. at right side bottom. British spellings should be followed.


  1. Full-length Papers : Regular papers on original research should contain title, abstract, key-words, introduction, material and methods, results and discussion, acknowledgment (if any) and references. Paper should not exceed 2,500 words (approx. 10 typed pages in 12 pt. font, Arial e. 4-5 print pages) with 3 cm margins all around. The contributions should be concised and updated.
  2. Short Communications : Research notes which deals with research results and not exceed 1000 words (approx. 4-5 type pages e. 2-3 print pages). Such papers will have only title, author’s name, address, keywords, text & references etc.
  3. Reviews : Articles related to applied & relevant to journal on recent trends are welcomed in consultation with editor. Author can e-mail the titles and broad outlines of the critical and comprehensive update of a topic of importance before submission. Short / mini-reviews (up to 4 print pages) will be preferred.


  1. Strategic Vision Message to the Editor : Recent views on innovations of eco-safe technology for agriculture and horticulture etc.


Title page : The first page should include title (short and specific) with latin names in italics, complete (1st  name initials & last names) names of the author’s (capital), institutional affiliations where research was conducted (Italics), full mailing address including pin code & e-mail etc. For corresponding author asterisk mark in the foot-note be given along with e-mail_id and present address, if any change. The designation of all authors should be mentioned in the footnote.
Abstract : It should be brief in a paragraph and not exceeding 300 words summarizing informative significant findings. It should indicate main conclusion and free from references.
Key words :  Abstract should followed  by key-words (maximum 10 in italics) arranged alphabetically suitable for indexing search.
Short title : A short  title of maximum  15  words  should  be  provided for  running  headlines.
Introduction : It should be brief (not exceeding 300 words) and define the scope of work. Limit the literature review to most relevant to the topic. Recent related key references must be cited & avoid irrelevant work & avoid non-available sources.
Materials & Methods
: Methodology should provide adequate information on the materials used, experimental design and   the techniques followed. Statistical methods should be clearly stated. Where the methods are well known, citation of standard work (reference) would suffice.
Results  &Discussion  : Should be concise, combined and supported by brief but adequate tables or figures wherever necessary. Tables should be brief and typed on separate sheets bearing with clear and concise caption. Use only International System of SI Units (metric, SI website) of weights and measurements. Conventional symbols & abbreviations may be used in the text. Scientific nomenclature should be in Italics. Avoid trade names, if needed give with chemical names. For SI Units & abbreviations some examples are : hectare (ha), tonne (t), quintal (q), kilogram (kg), gram (g), milligram (mg), kilometer (km),  meter (m),  centimeter (cm), (mm), litre (L), millilitre (ml) and other expression as 1?g, ppm, min, sec, hr, C, Co3 , P2O5pH, RH,  DNA, %,  @,  MSS, CD (P = 0.05),  SEm,  NS, HYV,  cv ‘Totapuri’,  sp., var.,  syn. ‘Jaya’,  kharif, rabi,  bajra, a.i., LD50 ,  Bt,  HaNPV,  LE, NSKE, Azadirachtin (3 % w/w),  Bioneem?, NGOs, WTO, Rupees (`), $, et al., viz., i.e., e.g., etc.
Figures & : All relevant figures, photographs, JPEG & drawing should be of good quality & glossy prints with their positions in the text
Photographs The captions should be brief & self-explanatory. Colored figures/graphs should also be in Excel dotting presentation.
Conclusion : A  short conclusion with main findings may be given wherever applicable looking to the abstract.
Acknowledgments :   If any, should be brief and for specific guidance or assistance and financial grants etc. only, not for          routine facilities.
References Style :   References should be according to the standard scientific convenstions. For styles detail consult              latest CBE Manual for Authors, Council of Biology, USA or consult the latest issue of this journal.
References should contain authors surname first followed by initials, year (not in brackets), title of article, journal (standard abbreviations in italics/underlined), volume no. (bold), issue no. (in parentheses), colon and complete page range. Books must include the name of authors or editors sur names, initials; year (not in bracket), title, name of publisher, place, and page numbers. Abbreviations should be followed  as given in “World List of Scientific Periodicals”. The references must be cited chronologically in the text & alphabetically arranged at the end of the paper. References should be complete & properly checked and minimum possible.

The editor reserves the right to suitably modify, accept or reject a paper for publication. Articles not selected for publication are not returned to the authors. No reprints would be supplied. Proofs may not be necessary to sent to authors. However, early view PDF proofs may be sent to corresponding author by e-mail for corrections & immediate reply. PDF of published papers may be requested by authors by advance order & payment.

Non-subscribers may submit papers but will have to pay publication charges in advance depending on acceptance & paper size. To encourage young researchers, recent abstracts of theses in agriculture & horticulture etc. are also published if submitted timely through proper channel. Upon publication, copy right will automatically transfer to publisher.

Ordinarily, all the authors and co-authors have to subscribe the journal and only subscribers will get the copy of the journal. The journal will be posted by Ordinary / Regd. parcel post only. However, it can be sent by Regd. post / Speed post if authors pay extra charges in advance.

Instructions for Authors and Subscription Information are also available at and Subscription form can be downloaded.