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  • 18 February, 2018
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Vol. 9 (1) : January-February 2018 issue
Green Farming Vol. 9 (1) : 18-20 ; January-February, 2018
Genetic divergence study for yield and its components traits in rice
Deptt. of Genetics & Plant Breeding, College of Horticulture (UAHS, Shivamogga) Mudigere - 577 132 (Karnataka)
Designation :  
1P.G. Student, 2Professor & Head *(, 3Asstt. Professor (Contract)
Subject : Crop Genetics and Plant Breeding
Paper No. : P-7141
Total Pages : 3
Received : 12 January 2018
Revised accepted : 18 January 2018
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Citation :

IRAPPA B.M., LAKSHMANA D. and CHANDANA B.C. 2018. Genetic divergence study for yield and its components traits in rice. Green Farming  Vol. 9 (1) : 18-20  ;  January-February, 2018

To assess the divergence among 150 germplasm lines of rice, Mahalanobis's D2 statistics were applied. The analysis of variance revealed highly significant mean sum of squares due to germplasm for all traits except for panicle length, the number of tillers per plant and number of productive tillers per plant indicating adequate genetic diversity exists among the lines. The 150 germplasm lines grouped into 8 clusters, where clusters I and II were the largest containing 56 and 54 genotypes, respectively followed by cluster IV with 17 genotypes. The maximum inter-cluster distances observed between cluster III and IV followed by cluster III and VII. The most important character was contributing to the total divergence number of spikelets per panicle (49.80 %) followed by the number of grains per panicle (26.02 %) and plant height (20.37 %). Among the 150 lines studied for genetic divergence ten germplasm lines viz., IET-16675, IET-16690, IET-13713, IET-16964, IET-14819, IET-13257, IET-16907, IET-8319, IET-16688, IET-13875 were found to be best which could be intercrossed to recover proper recombinants and desirable segregants.
Key words :
Clusters, D2 statistics, Genetic divergence, Recombinants, Rice genotypes, Yield attributes.