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  • 18 January, 2018
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Vol. 8 (6) : November-December 2017 issue
Green Farming Vol. 8 (6) : 1259-1264 ; November-December, 2017
Growth and yield parameters of rice grown in coal fly ash and organic manures amended soil
Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore - 641 003 (Tamil Nadu)
Designation :  
1Ph.D. Scholar *(, 2Asstt. Professor, 3Professor and Head
Subject : Soil Science & Agric. Chemistry; Soil Health & Soil Conservation Engg.
Paper No. : P-5957
Total Pages : 6
Received : 01 October 2017
Revised accepted : 09 November 2017
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Citation :

K. THERESA, S. SHEEBA and K. ARULMOZHISELVAN. 2017. Growth and yield parameters of rice grown in coal fly ash and organic manures amended soil. Green FarmingĀ  Vol. 8 (6) : 1259-1264 ; November-December, 2017

A field experiment was conducted in silty clay loam soil at KVK, Tirur during 2014 to 2015 to study the effect of application of fly ash alone and in combination with farm yard manure (FYM), humic acid (HA), green leaf manure (GLM) along with different doses of fertilizers on growth and yield parameters. The test crop was rice variety (ADT- 49). Mettur Thermal power plant fly ash was selected since it was neutral to slightly alkaline in reaction. The physico-chemical and chemical properties of the fly ash were assessed. From the results, it was confirmed that fly ash contains all the essential nutrients as that of soil except nitrogen and organic carbon. Since it was poor in nitrogen and organic carbon, it needs to be supplemented with rich organic sources. Fly ash was applied as a basal dose @ 20 t ha-1 along with FYM (12.5 t ha-1), HA (37.5 lit ha-1) and GLM (6.25 t ha-1). Higher growth and yield parameters viz., plant height, number of tillers, productive tillers, panicle length and numbers of grains per panicle were recorded under fly ash @ 20 t ha-1 + GLM @ 6.25 t ha-1 + RDF treated plots, consequently recording the highest grain (5.49 t ha-1) and straw yields (6.59 t ha-1) and the uptake of macronutrients were also found to be increased under this treatment. Thus, the results of the present investigation have shown that the integrated application of fly ash @ 20 t ha-1 and GLM (6.25 t ha-1) with recommended dose of fertilizers was beneficial to maximize the productivity of the rice crop.
Key words :
Fly ash, FYM, Growth & yield attributes, GLM, HA, Rice.