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  • 18 January, 2018
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Vol. 8 (6) : November-December 2017 issue
Green Farming Vol. 8 (6) : 1299-1303 ; November-December, 2017
Gypsum requirement of salt affected soils of Vani Vilas command area of Hiriyur taluk, Chitradurga, district
aDeptt. of Soil Science & Agril. Chemsitry, Agriculture College,
bDirectorate of Extension, Navile, University of Agriculture and Horticultural Sciences, Navile, Shivamogga - 577 201 (Karnataka)
cKrishi Vigayan Kendra, Babbur Farm Hiriyur - 577 598, Dist. Chitradurga (Karnataka)
Designation :  
1Senior Research Fellow +(, 2Asstt. Professor & Technical Officer *(,
Subject : Soil Science & Agric. Chemistry; Soil Health & Soil Conservation Engg.
Paper No. : P-6975
Total Pages : 5
Received : 11 September 2017
Revised accepted : 30 November 2017
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Citation :

SHIVA KUMAR S., SARVAJNA B. SALIMATH, R.F. CHANNAGOUDA andĀ  GURUMURTHY K.T. 2017. Gypsum requirement of salt affected soils of Vani Vilas command area of Hiriyur taluk, Chitradurga, district. Green FarmingĀ  Vol. 8 (6) : 1299-1303 ; November-December, 2017

Gypsum requirement is a good indicator for qualifying the amount of gypsum required for amelioration of sodic soils to improve the soil health. GR of Vani Vilas command area, Hiriyur taluk, Chitradurga district was estimated to know the amount of gypsum required and the indicators such as pHs, ECe, SAR and ESP were also studied to know the relation among them and work out a regression equation to predict the GR based on ESP values for the soils of Vani Vilas command area of Hiriyur taluk, Chitradurga district. The soils were found to be moderate to strongly alkaline in reaction (pHs 8.31 to 8.88), salt content was low to moderate (ECe 1.76 to 3.38 d Sm-1), Exchangeable sodium content varied from 1.64 to 7.74 cmol (p+) kg-1, Sodium adsorption ratio ranged from 6.66 to 12.23, DTPA - Extractable micronutrients Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn ranged from 4.69 to 9.31 mg kg-1, 8.03 to 13.03 mg kg-1, 0.58 to 2.89 mg kg-1, 0.45 to 0.71 mg kg-1 and Exchangeable sodium percentage of the soils ranged from 9.13 to 25.79 per cent, when ESP more than ten in black soil it is sufficient to cause problem to soil, hence it is observed from majority of data that soils required amelioration to improve soil health by adding suitable amendments and leaching.
Key words :
DTPA - Extractable micronutrients, ESP, GR (Gypsum requirement), pHs, SAR, Vani Vilas.